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Bronwen Skye


To see images of my art or for print purchasing information and framing options click here to visit my gallery.

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Thank you for your interest.

For any inquiries, commission requests or studio visits, please contact me at

Rose Leaves


"I am still learning"

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Rose Leaves

My Motivations

Bronwen Skye

Fantasy is a way of bringing into this life the endless possibilities we often see in our dreaming ones.  

I love to paint for the sheer joy of it! I have been mystified and enchanted with fantasy for as long as I can remember. Charmed time and again by fairy tales, 'Charms and Changelings' was my favorite book, I sought to recreate that fascinating world through whatever means possible.  

In a constant search to devour paper media, I could never get enough of the books and pictures that took me to another dimension, so I often sought to create my own stories and images. The images just come to me and sometimes I feel like I have no time to get them all down on paper. Every now and then the lost ones come back. Here are the fruits of my most recent labors, the ones that actually made it to the page (and the internet). I hope you enjoy them! 

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